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Curses and Chaos Audiobook

Curses and Chaos Audiobook

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If the ABI finds me, I’m dead.

Agent or not, when your dad is the head of the most notorious arcane crime family in the country, no one believes you when you say you didn’t open that gate to Hell on purpose.

Now, I’m practically glued under enough null wards to hide a god and stuck with a stupidly sexy shifter of a jailer who hates my guts.

When my former employer comes sniffing around, not only does he keep me alive, but we find out that our pasts are far more connected than either of us realize.

And the lies we’ve been told could kill us both.

  • Narrated by: Lance Greenfield and Willa Jaymes
  • Series: The Lost Witch, Book 1
  • Length: 6 hrs and 22 mins
  • Language: English
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